Manually Purge Old Data

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I'm running SQL Monitor, and neglected to set up Data Purging when I first set it up. I've been slowly setting the purge dates from one-year to six-months to three-months so I don't overwhelm the server, but it's having little effect, and it's an hour between purge jobs. Is there a way to manually delete old data? I would prefer a way that doesn't cause my tempdb.ldf file to grow so huge (30 GB+).


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    It may be that the data is getting purged (the usage of tempdb would indicate that SQL Monitor is purging something), but the space is not being deallocated. It could be worth trying a DBCC SHRINKFILE.

    Can you also run a sp_who2 on the tempdb to ensure that SQL Monitor isn't maintaining a constant connection?
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    I had to have the SAN admin give me another 100GB since the tempdb.ldf file grew to 70 GB, and it did eventually free up about 60 GB. The db shrink was taking forever, though, so I decided to just drop the database and let it create a new one. Setup is really simple, so it didn't take long to reconfigure things. I made sure to set the data purge at 2-months retention this time.

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