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Data Compare gets stuck: Retrieving schema

jacekglenjacekglen Posts: 2
edited March 27, 2012 9:24AM in Data Compare for Oracle

Recently we've bought Oracle suite and I need to report a problem with that.

Firstly our setup: we have three databases: DEV, TEST and PROD. Each database has two schemas Profit and JDE. Whilst Profit schema is fairly simple (~20 tables, some views), JDE schema is quite complex. It consists of over 2500 tables, plus a number of views, packages and other objects.
Data Compare:
Database: Oracle 9i

We use Schema and Data Compare tools to synchronize the changes between the databases:

1) Schema Compare works very well and fast. No problems using it against either of the schemas. We tested both 32 and 64 bit versions.

2) Data Compare works well against Profit schema, but it's useless for JDE (the one with over 2k tables). I start a new project, set up data sources, and when I switch to Tables tab it starts retrieving schemas. It gets to the message: "Retrieving schema. Registering database one 50%" and then hangs up. I made several attempts, each time waiting at least 2 hours before giving up: there was no progress.

I hope you might look into this issue and let me know if it something you can fix.




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