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can you include this feature

rdobrichrdobrich Posts: 60
edited December 1, 2005 4:27PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I start new project.
I setup comparison - Options (needed for that two database like ecxlude user security,include role,include or exclude indexes ...)
I register and compare two database.
In view -filters set filters I need for the project (like exclude users)
Sinchronize databases.

For me this is project for comparing that two database.
I save project under some name.

When, later, I wont to use that project , I load it.
I have two databases register.
Setup comparation in the LAST setup comparation options I used, not the options I used in project.

Filters are allways set to include all. I allways need to exclude some filters before sinchronize databases.

Can you save 'Setup comparation options' and filter in project.
It would be very usefull for me.



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    I was asking for such a feature a long time ago. Indeed, it would be very usefull being able to store the comparison options along with a project.

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    I'll e-mail you privately about this.
    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Hi Neil,

    This is also a feature request I've posted in the forums previously.

    I know you can do this using the API, but even if you couldn't save the options with the project, the ability to save and restore option sets would be very useful. I think of it a bit like the build environment option for (say) VS.NET - where you can have a Dev build environment and a Prod build environment, with different options.

    One of the new elements in the compare project is Options - so it looks like the ability to save options in a project has been at least thought about - however in a project I saved, mine says Default although I definitely have changed the options from default.


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    If anybody else is really keen on this feature can you e-mail me at neil.davidson@red-gate.com

    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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