Strange CPU time results...

Hi Red Gate team,

I have a special case in which I get quite strange cpu timings. How do you meassure cpu timings? Do you use time stamp counter?



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    Thanks for your post - I'm not personally aware of the precise details of how we capture timings - a previous query in-house resulted in the answer that its by intercepting the lower level calls made by .NET. In itself that may not help you- can you give a bit more detail about the problem you're experiencing, as it may be something we've come across before?
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  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    The way I understand, the .NET Profiling interface provided by Microsoft provides the method entry and method exit times. Then it's a matter of counting the ticks inbetween. So on XP there is a speedstep issue but for most other operating systems, if there is anything untowards, it's usually caused by bodged overhead calculations. ANTS attempts to subrtact the time it took in your process from the results. It is possible to turn overhead correction off in the settings.
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