SQL Data Compare 10 has been released

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Announcing SQL Data Compare 10.0, available through Check for Update and the download link below:


New Features:

* Select a version of your database from source control
* Recently used server list and recently accessed repository list
* Fast Deploy - two-click deploy from the project list for common deployments

Major Feature Requests Implemented / Bugs Fixed:

SDC-113 - New option to compare null values as equal to empty strings
SDC-206 - New option to compare floats that only have unsynchronizable differences as equal
SDC-1137 - Viewer now correctly displays full length of float values
SDC-1293 - int datatypes can now successfully map to varchar and some other string types

Minor Bugfixes:

SDC-1304 - Command line help can now be written to a file with /out
SDC-1290 - Handling of unusual unicode values in varchar(max) blobs improved
SDC-1301 - UTF-8 script encoding option now no longer writes preamble by default
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