Why I have to restart?

rdobrichrdobrich Posts: 60
edited December 12, 2005 9:50AM in DTS Package Compare 2
I just install DTS compare.
Why I have to restart my computer after instalation.

I have allready instal SQl compare (beta version) and I don't have to restart my computer.


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    Dear rdobrich,

    Most users shouldn't have to restart; that's certainly not our intention with the installer.

    If you needed a new version of Windows Installer, that can cause a restart.

    Also the beta install did install an Installshield Updater component. I haven't checked this in detail, but I'm guessing this could have resulted in an unnecessary reset being required. We're not including this in the install for the final release of DTS Package Compare 2.0 as it's redundant (not to say irritating) as we have our own Check for Updates mechanism within DTS Package Compare.


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