Out of Memory Exception on SQL Data Compare 9

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I am running on a Windows 2008 R2 64 server with 4 GB of RAM. The RBTemp variable is set to the D drive which has 600GB of free disk space. I am comparing two databases (about 200GB each) on SQL 2008 and there are some varbinary fields, but they are all very small (less than 50K) in size. I am using version of the SQL Data Compare tool
When I run the project via the GUI interface the project runs perfectly. But when I run the same project via the command line using the /project and /export parameters, I get the following error
Registering databases
Comparing databases
Error: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

I do not see any errors in the event log.
Can you let me know how I can resolve the memory problem when running the tool via the command line?


  • Thanks for your post.

    In theory there shouldn't be any difference as they're using the same engine.

    Can you make sure you're using the exact same options in both the UI and the CL?

    Just to make sure, the environment variable you need to set is RGTemp (I'm assuming RBTemp was a typo in your post)

    SQL Data Compare really shouldn't be throwing OOM exceptions anyway, so could you check the SQLDataCompare process in task manager and see what it gets to before the OOM is thrown?
  • I did miss type the env variable. It is rgtemp.

    I ran the process explorer for both the console and GUI running exactly the same project and the console memory utilization just kept going up to 1.6 GB when it died. The GUI run kept the memory at about 95MB. I took screenshot of both runs and can email them to you if you want.

    On the options, I am using the default options for a project. I selected about 200 tables and of a few of the tables, I unselected a column that should not be used in the comparison. The column was a “last modified” field which would never be the same between the respective tables.

    For the console run, I am using the “project” parameter and pointing it to the same project that I am using in the GUI version.
  • One more piece of information. Using the process explorer the counts for generation 0,1,2 heaps are the follow
    Gen 0 heap size 5,242,880
    Gen 1 heap size 22,940
    Gen 2 heap size 1,348,823,532
    Large Object Heap Size - 318,120,552

    It does look like a memory leak in the console part of the app.
    I can email you the project if that would help.
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