Fieldmapping not valid for MatchingMappings

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I have a SQL Data Compare Profile that I had been using and I just maintain this Profile. Now, when I am opening this profile, I get the error on Mapping. "Fieldmapping not valid for MatchingMappings".
I see some topics in here pointing that this is not a problem with the SQL Data Compare, but i disagree. If i create a new profile, it's not a problem, however, there's already a LOT of customization, selections, deselections on the Profile (even on a column level), that re-creating will a lot of Pain. Is there a way to find out what is causing this problem? If there is a new table created, the profile automatically puts a check-mark on it assuming that the new table is selected for comparison, my guess is that it's probably those tables that's causing the problem. I already started unchecking them and yet I still get the error. Is there an easier way to identify... ?

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    Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, for some reason, it appears as if the project file gets corrupted and then cannot be used anymore. We have never really been able to get to the bottom of why, however what you can try i the following:

    1) Open up the project file in notepad
    2) Copy out the XML to another notepad window
    3) Save that as a *.SDC file
    4) Try opening that with SQL Data Compare

    Please note that sometimes the error is because of schema changes and this might not work. If it doesn't, I'm afraid you'll have to create a new project file.


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