Undo Static Data Changes (or workaround)

randrand Posts: 5
My company is evaluating SQL Source Control 3. Static data management is the primary motivation in exploring this software.

I realize you can't undo static data changes (yet???). But seems like there should be some way to manually workaround it. Can you please let me know the best way to work around this limitation and effectively undo my changes?



  • csmithcsmith Posts: 138 Bronze 1

    You should be able to rollback static data using Red Gate's SQL Data Compare - if you have a license for this product. You will need to populate a scripts folder with the the schema and data changes you want to rollback to and then deploy that back to your development database. You could then commit the changes in SQL Source Control to effectively rollback the data.

    SQL Data Compare v10.0 will be realeased in the next few weeks that will enable a new button on the SQL Source Control v3.0's History Dialog allowing you to rollback static data to a selected version.

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