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Feature Request: Formatting options to the Nth degree

lysplysp Posts: 47
edited February 27, 2012 9:31AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I would love for sql prompt formatting to mimic the level of detail that resharper does with it's code formatting for C#.

Looking in resharper options:

Naming style: 15 types
Braces: 13 options
Blank Lines: 12 options
Line breaks and wrapping: ~50 options
Spaces: ~ 80-100 options
Other: 25-30 options

Not all of these are checkboxes either, a fair few are dropdowns with 4-5 different variations.

As everyone's code style is slightly different i'd love to set it all up in options and then have all my code formatted exactly to the standards we use (which have been developed over time for readability).

To use an example on a join:

INNER JOIN table T ON T.Field = X.Field

options for that could be:
- table name new line
- join condition new line
--- break after ON
--- break before ON
- join condition new line only if more than 1 condition
- new line between each join condition
- move field in condition to left side of = if related to table
- bracket around conditions
- bracket only if more than 1 condition
- indent for new line conditions
--- no ident
--- 1 tab
--- in line with ON

So to slowly introduce new formatting options would be great as i cannot fault resharper's options. I can format code exactly to how i want it.


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    Thanks for your feedback! We've got a suggestions forum on UserVoice here:

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    We'd really appreciate it if you went over and submitted your request there, so that other users can see and vote on it - by keeping our feature requests public, we can keep track of what features are really important to our users and make sure we're going in the right direction with the product. If you want to vote on other users' suggestions while you're there, that would be great too.

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