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Login failed error on creating backups

rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
edited February 28, 2012 10:49AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I tried to backup a database with SQL Backup and receive always the error message "Login failed for user 'XYZ'. Reason: The account is disabled."
Thats absolutely true, but we don't know where we have to change the user in SQL Backup.

The SQLBackup Service is running with a windows account and the SQL Agent as well. But if want to start a backup with SQL Backup it tells us another user that will be used to create the backup.

Is there any other location where I can change permission or the user which is used to create a backup of a database?


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    rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
    In this KB http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/Content/knowledgebase/SQL_Backup/KB200710000173 I see that a SQL Login has to be created.

    It saids the following two things:

    Create a SQL Server login that has the ability to backup (and restore) databases (y) by adding it to the SYSADMIN server

    Install SQL Backup and set the service account to the domain account (x) then set the connection to the database to use the SQL Login (y).

    How I can change this SQL Login later?
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    SQL Backup tries to impersonate the user doing the backup, so if you are connecting using SQL Backup Console and using Windows Authentication, all you should need to do is go into Active Directory and unlock your Windows domain account. If you connect using SQL Auth, I suspect the account management is done in SQL Server Management Studio somewhere.

    SQL Backup doesn't have any facilities for managing accounts. (with one exception and that is when the SQL Backup Agent connects using SQL Authentication).
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    rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
    Basically we are using windows authentication for our SQL Backup Service and also for SQL Agent Service. Both accounts are activated and have rights to connect to the SQL Server instance.

    Nevertheless, for creating backups a SQL account is used to create the backups. How can I change the SQL Account you mentioned?

    For me it's no clear, how SQL Backup configured so that was still a SQL account is used.
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    I'll tell you about how to configure SQL Backup Agent to use SQL authentication, but I'm not sure that will help. You mention you use SQL authentication to do backups - is this the sql account you specify in the connection properties to SQL Backup? If so, we are talking about two different things.

    The instructions for configuring the server components to use SQL authentication are here: http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/c ... urityModel
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    rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
    Thanks, this solved my problem!
    I changed the configuration for the server component to use windows authentication as it is describe in the support center and it works.

    Thanks a lot!
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