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ddillddill Posts: 2
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I get this message from the monitor frequently in the morning. It will persist for several hours and then start working on a refresh. Overviews/Alerts/Analysis/Configuration toolbar is present and works fine.

The exact text is:

Sorry, this page cannot be found.
This may be a mistake with SQL Monitor.
Or, you may have typed an invalid URL.

If you think this is a problem with SQL Monitor please tell us.

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  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    SQL Monitor's website throwing a 404 is usually a configuration problem in the wildcard mapping, becuase it doesn't use static HTML/ASPX files, it uses wildcard mapping of IIS 6 or the URL Routing module of IIS 7.

    Why it would be failing only occasionally is anyone's guess. IIS could be malfunctioning or someone could be changing the configuration. I suppose it could also be because of recycling making the web app unavailble briefly. You could turn ASP .NET health monitoring and see if the site is recycling or you could just try setting the memory threshholds for recycling to a higher value.
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