There was a serious error parsing the file...

amumaughamumaugh Posts: 17 Bronze 1
I get the following error when opening the 'commit changes' or 'get latest' tabs in the SQL Source Control window. I don't use any SVN client outside of SQL Source Control. I downloaded Tortoise but it said the version was incompatible and I'm not sure which is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm currently on version (I know I need to upgrade)

There was a serious error parsing the file "C:\Users\amaugh\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Source Control 1\WorkingBases\rz5r33uf.w5m\Tables\dbo.Subscriptions.sql".
To resolve this issue:
1. Open the affected file.
2. Edit it to ensure the SQL is valid.
3. Commit the changes without using SQL Source Control. For example by using Tortoise SVN, or Microsoft Team Explorer.
4. In SQL Source Control, click Refresh.
For more information, click Show complete error message.
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