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Does SmartAssembly.Attributes.dll have to be redistributed?

EimmermanEimmerman Posts: 7
edited February 14, 2012 6:06AM in SmartAssembly
If I am using custom attributes in my project to stop a few things from being obfuscated. Does the SmartAssembly.Attributes.dll have to be re-distributed with my executable or does RedGate somehow pull out the reference or do some other magic?



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    The attributes dll will be automatically merged into the output assembly for you, so you don't have to redistribute any of the SmartAssembly dlls along with your application.

    Alternatively, you can declare your own attributes with the correct name in your source code (for example, DoNotPruneAttribute); when checking attributes, SA only cares about the name of the attribute type, not its namespace or the assembly it comes from.
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