Filter excluding Partition Scheme not working on cmdline

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I am using a SQL Compare Filter to exclude all Partition Schemes from my SQL Compare between a scripts folder (Source) and Database (Destination).

If I run the SQL Compare UI , it work as expected. With the filter in place the UI tells me that there are no differences. If I force another difference by removing a filter I have on Users. The UI tells me correctly that only the User is different and when I generate the deployment script only the User change is scripted.

However, when I use the SQL Compare command line, it does not work as expected. With the filter in place the Interactive HTML SchemaReport.HTML correctly shows no differences. However the file generated by the /ScriptFile output looks as if the filter on Partition Scheme is not in place and includes the changes to the Partition Scheme between the two.


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    Also, if I change something else like a stored proc, the Interactive HTML Report accurately reflects that as the only change. And it is also included as a change in the Output SQL. However the output SQL still includes the partition scheme synchronization that should be excluded by the filter.
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    I also just confirmed I have the same behavior with filtering out Partition Function in another database I'm working on.
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    And I can also confirm that if I do nothing else except add the IgnoreFileGroups option, the problem goes away.

    However, because of the issue described here

    http://www.red-gate.com/messageboard/vi ... hp?t=14710

    I can't use that option. (And these are Partition Schemes and Partition Functions, not Filegroups anyway :D )
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    Thanks for your post.

    We've had a couple of reports of slightly similar issues with partition function / schemes, so I think there is an issue with v10.

    I'll try and reproduce the problem and let you know what's going to be done.

    If I can't reproduce it I'll probably come back to you for some more information.

    Thanks for reporting this to us.
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    Thanks for the response! Look forward to hearing from you.
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    I've had a go at reproducing this, but in my test it seems to filter out the partition function from the sql script.

    Can you post the command you're using?
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    Looks like if I remove IncludeDependencies option, the issue goes away. That's fine because we probably want to be explicit about deploying those anyway. I assume that makes this not a bug, because if I say include dependencies that's going to include the underlying PS and PF.

    Thanks for looking into it.
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