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SQL compare 8.2 - Newbie question about filtering

NickHUKNickHUK Posts: 2
edited February 9, 2012 12:58PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi there.

I am new to SQL compare and need to compare two databases.

I have no interest in the data in the tables just the field definitions in the table.

I have quite a few tables that have the same fields (with the same name) but they are in a different order in the tables.

I don't want the compare to flag the order differences I just want it to match the fields by name and flag if they are not defined the same.

Am I able to do this using the filters?

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    There's a project option for this - if you look at the Options tab of the Edit Project dialog, there's an option named 'Force Column Order'. If you uncheck the box next to that option, your comparison should ignore column order in tables.
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