How do I use v6.5.1.9 w/ 2012 RC0?

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FAQs say SB Pro supports up to SS2008R2.

We're planning on skipping from 2005EE over 2008/R2 and going straight to 2012, hence I need to restore 220GB over 4 databases onto a production-equivalent server and the only realistic way given trickle-speed VPN from Rackspace to local is to use SQL Backup Pro files (22GB) that take us a day to offload as it is.

The only other post mentioning "Denali" in this forum cited an install issue and the poster said they would complete the install manually - eek! (No posts mention either 2012 or RC0)

Can you please give an accidental-DBA a SQL-Backup-Pro-with-SQL2012-for-Dummies step by step guide, please?

SQL Backup is NOT YET installed on the target machine - I'll un-register a "spare" box and register the install on the new 2012 box. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, in hopes, in advance.
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    Copy the server components installer (SQBServerSetup.exe) over to the target machine and run it there. Is this feasible for you?
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    Certainly is. I do it all the time, especially on the cluster.

    I take it by your reply, Peter, that besides this simple "manual install", there are no issues to work through and that I can very easily restore a SS2005EE set of databases onto a SS2012RC0 box, upgrade the compatibility level and test? (I really hope the answer is "Yes" 8) )

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my original post.
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  • Just a small caveat: we don't claim to support 2012 fully yet, and more than likely won't until the RTM is available.

    Internally, I've heard some nightmare stories about permissions for the SQL Backup Agent service due to new changes, but I don't know the full details I'm afraid.

    Nearer the time to the release of the RTM we'll be able to be more concrete information on what you need to do to make the magic happen, but at the present time I have a feeling that you're going to struggle I'm afraid!
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    Well, Peter P, I guess I'll take the more lengthy path and restore to a 2005 instance on another box, detach, copy, attach, and take SQL Backup out of the mix altogether on the 2012 box.

    Thanks for the solemn warning, which I will heed - no struggles for me!
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