UI needs to handle long running data compares better

vanramvanram Posts: 64
I have just been doing Data compares on tables/views that, for just 8 tables/views takes 20 minutes+ to complete. I would like to find a way to improve the tools usability, here are some possibilities:
1) Tune process that does the compare to better handle large dataset etc.
2) Tune process to better handle compares where key is custom
3) Have the process return after each table/view is compared and NOT wait for all objects to compare before the user can review differences of completed objects
4) Can we also refresh a select set of objects and not all the ones configured. Case: I have a need to compare 10 big objects, i configure the custom key and determine the columns to compare, therefore i do not want to loose this when i want to refresh a single object.
5) Any UI improvment possible to find selected objects, when selected ones are 10 amongst 200-300 objects
6) When i know that the dataset is big, and i have had to define a Custom key can i also tell Data Compare to pre-create indices it needs as any preparation time is likely to be worth it.

Please ask for any explanaition or reasons as useful.


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