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Drop FK constarints

tilo23tilo23 Posts: 27
Is there any way to tweak the project so it didn't concern on FK constraints regarding particular columns? I've seen many posts regarding more options to modify foreign keys in Data Generator, I was thinking it could be possible if I modify XML behind the project. Cannot find the appropriate line though...
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    SQL Data Compare will always select the FK generator if it detects FK relationships on the column.

    The only way around this is to drop the relationship in the database first. You can't work around it by editing the config file.

    You are right, we have several requests to improve the FK abilities, but unfortunately we've not made changes in this area just yet.
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    Sadly, without the ability to control and manipulate foreign key data, the Generator does not meet our needs. :(

    Badly I made the assumption we could and told my boss it was so. :oops:
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    I'm sorry to hear that - I'm hoping the FK generator will become more configurable in the future but I have no timescales or guarantees.

    If you purchased the product and it's not suitable for your needs then you may want to discuss a refund with our sales team.
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