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Does anyone have any experience with editing the data collection schedules within the SQL Monitor base monitor service config file (C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Monitor 2\RedGate.Response.Engine.Alerting.Base.Service.exe.settings.config)? I am monitoring five production servers, and my repository DB grows by 1 or 2 GB per day. We cannot support this growth without purging the data very frequently, which obviously makes trending and analysis difficult because there is never any historical data available.

It looks like I am able to add my own <schedule> elements to the config in order to override the default 15-second collection frequency, but I have no idea how the qualifiedChannelName attribute works. The four qualifiedChannelNames that are commented out in the config are:

One could guess at which counters and data points these correspond to, and test them with trial and error, but I'd like to know if there is any documentation available. For example, I want to collect perfmon counters like CPU Utilization every 15 min, not every 15 sec. To accomplish this, I added a new schedule to the config for the [Cluster].[Machine].[Process] "channel name," and restarted the base monitor service. This seemed to affect the "top 10 system processes" section of the server overview page, but not the PerfMon counters, so I decided to add another schedule with a channel name of "[Cluster].[Machine]". This second schedule had no effect on anything - the counters were still being collected every 15 sec.

Is there a list somewhere of the available "qualified channel names"? And if I were to get ahold of said list, might it also tell me which data points and counters each channel name corresponds to, so I may customize my data collection and save space?


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    We do not have this information available because any change in config may have adverse effect on alert and other data being shown on UI. However, I am emailing you some more information. Let me know if you have not received my email in next 1/2 hour.

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