Am I doing something wrong with deploying?

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I have SSC 2.2 and SQL Compare 9.
I right click on my DB A-->select SQL Schema compare\deploy-->select as source-->choose Source Control (latest head).
Drag my production DB B as Target and I click on Compare/deploy with SCompare.

Sql Compare opens up and I click on Compare now. Once the next window comes up, I am seeing all the different changes instead of only the changes from SSC? How do i make SQL compare only show me the differences that have been commited into Source control vs production instead of all the different other objects.

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    Thank you for your post into the forum.

    I am little confused by your post.

    Essentially you are performing a comparison between a scripts folder and a live database. By selecting the "Schema compare\deploy" from the menus in SSMS, the scripts folder is your SQL Source Control repository. So you are comparing this repository with a live database. Therefore the results displayed are the differences of what is in the SQL Source Control repository and the database you have selected as target.

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  • I see more than what has been committed to SVN, It shows me differences between databases as well the difference from my c:\users\ which is where the comparison should come from?
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    A possible workaround for your request is to setup a filter in SQL Source Control that only includes the objects you are interested in. SQL Compare should then pick this filter up when you come to deploy and only show the relevent objects in your comparison results.

    However, the ability to pick-up and apply SQL Source Control filters was added in SQL Compare version 10, so I'm afraid you would need to upgrade.

    In the meantime, we have raised a support issue to investigate carrying over SQL Source Control inclusions when deploying with SQL Compare but I am not able to give you an estimate of when this would appear in the product.

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  • See if my picture makes sense. I selected a past revision, there were a few more commits to SSC before and after this commit. I selected the revision i wanted to compare against production. The only change on this commit was 1 stored proc in red mark but as you can see by my picture it is showing a whole lot more.

    How can I get Sql compare to just show me the 1 stored proc from the svn revision instead of all those other changes that are different from dev to prodcution server. If I wanted to automate deployment, would it be possible? Thanks

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    We think adding a filter in SQL Source Control would help, but you'd need SQL Source Contol version 3 and SQL Compare v10.

    The SQL Source Control filter should appear in the filter dropdown list and you should be able to apply it to the comparison results grid (shown in your screenshot).
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