Prompting to Create New Database with SQL Server 2000 Target

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When performing a comparison where the target is an existing database attached to a SQL Server 2000 instance then I am prompted to create a new database when clicking 'Compare Now' on the 'New Project' window even though the target database exists.

The project options are set to 'Red-Gate Defaults' and the 'Decrypt encrypted objects on 2005 and 2008 databases.' option is not selected.

After running SQL Profiler against the SQL Server 2000 instance, the following queries are executed against the instance by SQL Compare:
exec sp_executesql N'SELECT name from sys.databases where name = @dbName', N'@dbName nvarchar(8)', @dbName = N'MyDB'
SELECT as logical_name, df.physical_name as file_path, df.type_desc as file_type, as file_group  FROM sys.database_files df
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.filegroups f ON f.data_space_id = df.data_space_id;

These queries obviously fail when executed against SQL Server 2000.

SQL Compare version

The product documentation implies that it should be possible to use an existing SQL Server 2000 database as a target.

"If you are updating a SQL Server 2000 database..."



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