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SA 6.5 and Custom Web Server

adam.schraderadam.schrader Posts: 2
edited January 3, 2012 8:35AM in SmartAssembly
We have been using a custom web server since the beginning of our {SA} usage in 5.X (I forget the exact version). Since 6.5, our error reporting has been a bit wonky at times.


I'm noting first that it seems to be calling a webservice method called UploadReport2, whereas the webservice I have running only has an UploadReport method. Also, it seems to be calling the webservice at www.smartassembly.com instead of at our custom site.

In the Tools->Options window (of SA) I have the web proxy settings checkbox left unchecked and the "I want to use my own web server" checked with our url specified. This URL is the same as our old version of SA was.

Our current SA version is

As you can see, I can't view the rest of the error message since it is cut off in the dialog. I am wondering, is there a new version of the web server for self-hosting as well (with v6 of SA)?


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