Checksum comparison issue after v7 -> v9 migration

harveysburgerharveysburger Posts: 8
Since I upgraded from v7 to v9 I can no longer use the option "Use checksum comparison" from the GUI

I get a:
"Validation Failure. Object '[dbo].[SomeTable]' does not exist. ...

The problem affects both SQL Data Compare 9.0.0 and (I installed the patch to solve a different problem... the patch worked for that other problem but didn't help with this one)

Funny thing is that everything works just fine from the command line, I only get the error from the GUI. Since I mostly use sqldatacompare from the command line this problem is not critical to me but I thought I would report it anyway.

I noticed there is a SQL Data available for download on the ftp site, would that solve the problem by any chance?

Which leads to the next question... what's new in 9.1.0? I couldn't find anything about it so I assume it's not recommended to install it.



  • actually in v7 I used to see calls in Profiler to sp_table_validation to check the rowcount + checksum but with v9 I no longer see that even if the checksum comparison option was turned on.

    So I assume in the GUI checksum comparison causes a validation error while on the command line I get no error at all but the checksum is skipped altogether.

    I will just stop using that checksum feature for now
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