Using SQL Data Compare to augment or supplant TableDiff

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Hello all,

I am currently trying out SQL Data Compare 9. I often have to manually resynchronize some data between our clients' servers when replication goes down. I use TableDiff, and, when it comes to comparing table differences, I compare the change scripts row by row, which is extremely tedious.

I have been using Data Compare 9 a little, and am pleased by the interface and the way it lines up rows from tables of two different databases by the primary key so that they values can be readily compared. What I'm wondering is if: I can read in the TableDiff scripts and have them lined up in this way via Data Compare or another Red Gate app to make them easier to compare.

Another thing is that I would rather not have to specify one database as a source and another as an object, and vice-versa. Moreover, the SQL Data Compare software will be on my computer, and not on the clients' servers, so I will need to take files such as those made by TableDiff back to a local computer to work on them.

Ideally, the program would show two rows, I would click on a row to add to the change script, and it would add the change script in that direction and not add it (or delete it) from the other direction. Does anyone know if SQL Data Compare 9 can do something like this? Or does anyone else have any suggestions on streamlining the resync process? I would greatly appreciate it.


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  • Thanks for your post.
    SQL Data Compare can't read in other files to show you the differences of unfortunately. You could use somthing like "Beyond Compare" (not a Red Gate product" to see the differences side-by-side but I don't think you could use it to build up a change script.

    I wasn't quite sure what you meant in the latter part of your message - however in the upper half of the screen (where the list of tables rather than records is seen) you can tick the columns for "Source Only", "Target Only" and "Different".
    This means you can get the change script to only insert records for instance, and not update any in the target and not delete any in the target. You'd achieve that by ticking just "Source Only".
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