Can SQL Search search for the data?

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I wonder, if SQL Search can search for the data present in tables and in which columns. To make things simple, Say i know that my database contains data name 'Texas-USA'. But i am not sure in how many table(s) and in which column(s) of those tables is the data present.

Hence i wish to search in my entire database for the data 'Texas-USA' and know it is present in which table(s).

Does this is supported by SQL Search 1.1? If not, does any other Red-Gate product does that?



  • HKPROHKPRO Posts: 1 New member
    Interesting that no body answered it from 2011. No, it only searches meta data that is tables names, column names, stored procedure, triggers etc and gives quick snippet of the definitions. I am not aware of any Redhate tool that will search the data, I think there are none. But you can use store procedure available online to look for particular data in all the tables.
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