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Multi DLL

omheienomheien Posts: 29
edited December 23, 2011 8:31AM in SmartAssembly
Hi all.
I have probmes understanding the consept of building scrambeled components. I have bought the SA and We have the nead of producing encrypted assemblies. ANyway, hers the situation:
Our solution contains 5 EXE projects and 20 DLL projects. When we generate the encrypted assembly I'm not able to create the EXE's and DLL's apart from each other. It looks like SA melts it all together and that I dont want. All my DLL's must be shipped to our customers as single files. This is of course because when we must change something in a part of the program, I only want to send a new DLL to the customer, not the complete solution inside one exe file. Is there somethign i've missed here?



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    When you merge and embed dependencies they all end up in the main assembly.

    If you want to separately process the DLLs with SmartAssembly , then you need to create a separate SmartAssembly project.

    SmartAssembly does not obfuscate public members of DLLs, so that they can still be called from elsewhere.
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