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Text was Encrypted even though Decrypt Encrypted Objects set

whitecarwhitecar Posts: 2
edited December 23, 2011 11:01AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

Can anyone help with this matter. I've set the above option and yet I'm getting 750+ objects that exist in both databases but are different. The description for this option suggests that these objects would be decrypted.
Also can some objects be partially encrypted because I'm getting tables that seem identical when scripted out but which when compared have "Test was Encrypted" between some of the Go statements.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this :?


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    Thanks for your post. Usually you can clear this up by ensuring your have sysadmin rights on the server. The decryption requires access to the server key and rights to do page dumps. If you don't have the rights, the comparison goes ahead, and all encrypted objects say "text was encrypted" but the status for these objects will always be "different".
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