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Feature request

raffaeuraffaeu Posts: 28
edited December 21, 2011 8:02AM in SmartAssembly
Right now we were able to fully integrate SA with our TFS system but I would like to suggest you a couple of changes that will make the ALM process easier:
    provide a way to dinamically set the web server address, maybe in the saprj XML?
    provide a way to use multiple SA configurations (SQL srv, web address ...) on a same machine. For example we have our professional license on TFS and we are forced to use the same settings for all the existing builds
    Provide a centralized web page to read the error reports and the feature usage
    Provide a windows service or a SQL job to constantly pool the reports from IIS into the configured SQL server, maybe by selling an enterprise license?
If you can add these features in the future, I personally believe that SA will really rock!


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    Hi raffaeu,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I'm really interested why you'd want to set the web server address dynamically. Is it something you need to change often? Similarly, is there a particular reason why you want to be able to change the SQL server regularly?

    On the centralized webpage, I understand that you have already been in contact with our Support team who have mentioned SA Sync for JIRA to you. This allows you to view your error reports as JIRA issues, but you should be able to alter the code for other bug tracking systems.
    Do you think this is too complicated? Do you think we should provide code to let you view your reports on a local IIS instance? I'd really like to hear your thoughts, please.

    As for pooling the reports from IIS to the SQL server, you should already be able to do this easily. Just create a scheduled task to regularly run
    smartassembly.com /downloadnewreports


    Dominic Smith,
    Project Manager,
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    That's very easy to explain.
    We have various ClickOnce applications and we have a three tier deployment infrastructure: dev.local, qa.com and production.com on three different domains.
    Our plan is to release a version for dev.local that will report to a specific SQL/web server and then if it's working we will re-publish using qa and so on ...
    Using your approach we need 3 different physical TFS build server with three different licenses of SA configured for the three environments.
    Right now we solved the issue using DNS rules so that the three web server and the three SA SQL server are recognized using the same DNS name.

    We have decided to use your windows form application provided with the SDK and translate it into a Silverlight application that will allow us to create also tasks in TFS.
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