Command line /out parameter possibly broken

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edited December 20, 2011 10:58AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I just downloaded the update and went to generate an html dump of the verbose command line documentation and even when using the /out option the documentation is only being sent to the command line window and not disk.

Here is the command I am running: sqlcompare.exe /? /v /html /f /out:c:\sqlcompare.html

Thanks for your help!


  • Is this something that used to work for you in previous versions?

    This is something you could try instead:

    sqlcompare.exe /? /v /html /f >c:\sqlcompare.html
    David Atkinson
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  • David,

    I have done everything through sqlcompare in the past though I usually have to look at the initial documentation to get all the parameters. The description for /out led me to believe I could use it to generate the html file.

    Your command works just fine. Thanks for your help!
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