SSC uses 3 connections on TEMPDB per databases selected

dbdmoradbdmora Posts: 50
I have a dev server with over 30 DBS and if I select each one to ensure there are no changes, I see the my login connects to TempDB with 3 connections for each database.

Is this normal? the only way to kill my connection to tempDB is by disconnecting from the DB itself, even if I click away from the database or close SSC, my tempdb connections still stay active.


  • Thanks for your post.

    When you expand a database, SQL Source Control will begin a check to establish if there are any changes to be committed and/or retrieved. If you go through all the databases quite quickly, then all these processes will probably be running concurrently which would cause what you're seeing. If it seems to cause a problem with memory usage and/or performance, you might want to suggest we implement a change to stop the initial refresh occurring, on our suggestions forum, here
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