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Error: Failed to initialize Common Language Runtime(CLR)

franfran Posts: 2
edited December 19, 2011 8:47AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

When running comparison I'm getting the following:

Failed to initialize the Common Language Runtime (CLR) v2.0.50727 due to memory pressure. This is probably due to memory pressure in the MemToLeave region of memory. For more information, see the CLR integration documentation in SQL Server Books Online.

Is there a way of excluding assemblies from comparison or fixing this error?



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    Thanks for your post. SQL Compare can only filter out assemblies after the comparison has been run I'm afraid, as it doesn't support any sort of pre-comparison filtering due to it having to calculate dependencies across all objects.

    You might wish to have a look at the below MS KB though to actually resolve the problem with your CLR's:



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