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PROBLEM: When exporting the Analysis Charts the plot points in the csv file are often incorrect and even o in some cases when it should be anything but zero.

If I select Disk Avg Write Times for all of my servers drives and select the predefined time of last 24 hours then when I export that chart to a csv file the plot point values (the milliseconds for each drive at each time interval) are never anything like the milliseconds that is displayed when hovering over a plot point on the chart.

At first I figured I must be misinterpreting the number and just need to divide it by some value but thats not the case. For example at 11:41 AM today the chart shows a millisecond time of 27.7MS and yet the value in the csv file for that same point on the chart is a big fat 0 with no decimal or any other number after it. Is this feature just not working and is scheduled to be fixed in a later version or is there some magical formula you use to transform that 0 into the 27.7ms shown in the chart?



  • Hi,

    Not sure if you have already noticed but the date time stamp in the CSV file is always in UTC. Whereas when you are viewing the graph on the Analysis page, it displays local browser time.

    So if you are comparing the values from UI to CSV file then you would need to make appropriate time zone conversion based on your local browser time.

    Could you please compare the values as I have described. Let us know if they don't match.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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