Select multiple commits from SVN to DB with SQL Compare

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We have occasions where a multiple developers have multiple commits on what they are working on. For example

Dev1 - commit rev1
Dev2 - commit rev2
Dev1 - commit rev3
Dev1 - commit rev4
Dev2 - commit rev5

Under SQL Compare I cannot select all the commits for Dev 1 for SOURCE Control as my source, i have to do 1 by 1. Unless I am comparing the Database to Database but then I will see commits that I dont need for a particular deployment.

Is there a way to group Commits by via a Changeset or being able to select which commits i need instead of comparing 1 at a time.


  • Hi, thanks for your post.

    I don't believe there's any way to do this. Each commit gets its' own revision number as you know, and there's no easy way to look at multiple ones of these at once. This is because, following your example, the same object could have been changed in multiple commits not only by one dev, but several. As the histories are cumulative, the later one would include earlier changes but of course it does include things from other devs if they committed in between.

    In an ideal world each dev would commit at the end of a given job so that all the work for a certain task is grouped in one commit... but I do appreciate that's not always going to be practical.
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  • I'd be interested in knowing why you want to just take the changes for Dev1 and specifically not Dev2.

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