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Bug? Generator type reverts when project re-opened

xavierjxavierj Posts: 2
Hi. I am using, and have a concern.

I created a generator that pulls data from another table for two columns. It works great!

When I save the project and re-open it, the two columns revert back to the "RegExpGenerator" and "Description" generator. As this table is a foreign key for other tables, it ends up creating a mess.

The saved project file clearly shows (to me) that what's saved is just as I configured - the XML for two columns have the text "<GeneratorTypeName>RedGate.SQLDataGenerator.Generators.DataBound.DataPassthroughGenerator</GeneratorTypeName>"

What am I doing wrong here? Tedious. Thanks!


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    Thanks for your post.

    I emailed you about this earlier, but I thought I would update the post in case anyone else finds the same problem.

    This issue is a bug with SQL Data Generator 2.0 and has been logged with the internal tracking code SDG-972.

    SQL Data Generator v1 doesn't have this problem, which can be downloaded from here
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