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Format SQL doesn't keep tabs

jodoveepnjodoveepn Posts: 2
edited January 27, 2012 10:42AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
The SQL Prompt options do not list a Format option for keeping tabs instead of replacing them with spaces. So when I format a SQL script (SQL Prompt 5 > Format SQL), all tab characters are replaced with spaces.

It seems that SQL Prompt 5 does such an excellent job of formatting the code that it may make unnecessary a feature of tab non-replacement. But I'm an anal developer and like my tab characters.

I apologize if this was covered in a previous post, or if I missed it completely in the set of available options.


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    This is an issue that's been brought up before, and we've got it logged in our bug-tracking system, so I'll add your report to that.

    Unfortunately, for the time being I'm afraid there's no way to retain tab characters short of running a search and replace after selecting 'Format SQL'. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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    I've got some good news for you on this one. Try the latest version of SQL Prompt (, available from the SQL Prompt menu (SQL Prompt 5->Help->Check For Updates) or http://www.red-gate.com/SqlPrompt

    Then, from the main SQL Prompt 5 menu, click on 'Experimental Features...', and enable the 'Tabs Instead of Spaces' feature.

    Hope that helps!
    Development Lead
    Redgate Software
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