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When using the command line project and synchronize switch -- you get the message "Generating SQL scripts" ..... where does this script get generated? I know if I do it via the interface the script goes into My Documents\SQL Data Compare\SQL Scripts .... but I don't see it via the command line. I want to make sure the script gets deleted because it's HUGE. Thanks.


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    The script in the GUI is only saved when you actually save it, and the path you mention is the default location.
    When using the command-line you use the /ScriptFile switch to specify the path/filename to save.
    You can also use the /sync switch to synchronise the changes directly; but it should remove any temporary files afterwards.

    See here for details on switches: http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/Content/SQL_Data_Compare/help/9.0/SDC_CL_Switches

    If you want to specify a bigger drive for temp files, you can create an environment variable called RGTEMP and set that to the path you wish to use.
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