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Which permissions needed to run?

terry_brownterry_brown Posts: 5 Bronze 1
hey guys,

My user account is in db_owner for the DB I want to create data for, and I have no problem using our SQL Compare and SQL data compare against the same DB, but when I run Data Generator it says:

"Create Project
- Reading permissions

The user does not have permission to perform this action"

I'm definitely using the same account as I do with Compare/DCompare - is db_owner not enough for SQL Data Generator?

If so, what specific roles do I need to perform this task?

I've attempted on local instance databases (where I have pretty much everything that sa has) and that works a treat, though our infrastructure team will be very reluctant to grant that level of access to a developer (and to be honest, the power would go to my head! lol)

Help :) Which perms do I absolutely need to run data generator?

Many thanks,
Tombola Ltd


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