Out of memory exception after project build, close/reopen

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Using version Pro

if SA is closed and i open it and my project, then build my project, things work as expected.

if i then close the project (and leave SA open), then reopen my project and try to rebuild my project, i am getting a


If i close SA between runs, it works fine.

let me know if you want me to do anything else (extended logging, etc) on this.
Eric R Peterson


  • It is a known issue that SA does leak some memory upon each build, sorry. I will add this t the accumulation of reproductions we keep.

    Can you tell us how much memory is used up by the SA project after 1 iteration please?
  • Just opening SA and loading my project:

    SmartAssembly.exe SmartAssembly.exe 5024 < 0.01 172,316 K 202,640 K SmartAssembly Red Gate Software Ltd.

    After one build:

    SmartAssembly.exe SmartAssembly.exe 5024 0.01 1,227,888 K 1,055,156 K SmartAssembly Red Gate Software Ltd.

    Without closing SA, after second build:

    SmartAssembly.exe SmartAssembly.exe 5024 0.02 499,076 K 446,916 K SmartAssembly Red Gate Software Ltd.

    What is interesting is when i clicked Build, it immediately died. Clicking retry threw an unhandled exception which i reported via SA (object reference not set to an object). I used my email address on the bug report as well.

    SA shut down after i submitted the error.

    Let me know if you want anything else from me and i will get it ASAP.

    Eric R Peterson
  • I wonder if we can seperate building smartassembly-protected app from building app (since they are, really, independant). I was also told that If you accidently build the vshost of an app, you get this exception during the build. In other words- let's take visual studio out of the equation just for now...
  • i am only talking about using SA. VS was not even open when i did the test above.

    please advise
    Eric R Peterson
  • As I say- memory leaking are a known issue- but it sounds like you have a different problem- that of it actually *crashing*. But is it crashing because too much memory has been used?
    Can you downgrade to 6.2 and see if it behaves better please:

    http://downloads.red-gate.com/checkforu ... .2.215.exe

    This, at least, proves its a regression and we will know which part of the code is causing the issue
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