How to change the ANTS temporary folder


I am having difficulties running long term tests with ants due to the restrictions on the space of my C drive where the temporary files are stored in the AppData folder.

I have tried changed the TMP and TEMP environment variables, however the 20 MB temp data chunks still gets in the AppData folder.

Is there anyway i can get ANTS to store the temporary files to another drive which has more free space available? Failing this is there anyway i can schedule the ANTS profiler to stop after a specified duration?

Cheers in advance,

Mike Toon.


  • There are two variables that control where ANTS puts its data: RGTEMP and RGIISTEMP. RGIISTEMP only applies to IIS sessions, and RGTEMP applies to everything.

    We don't use the standard temporary directories as this wouldn't work for a lot of profiling scenarios where the target process is running as a different user to the profiler UI. Note that if you do set the temporary directories yourself, you will also have to manually set the permissions for profiling these kinds of application (Windows services and IIS in particular)
    Andrew Hunter
    Software Developer
    Red Gate Software Ltd.
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