what does this lock detail information mean?

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I'm trying to figure out something about a deadlock in the monitor.

143 Victim process dbid: 5, object id: 72057594746634240, index id: (c4006323692b) EXECUTE Line #: 0
180 dbid: 5, object id: 72057594746634240, index id: (c4006323692b) UPDATE Line #: 1
282 dbid: 5, object id: 72057594746634240, index id: (c700d481e951) UPDATE Line #: 1

Under the lock details, I am seeing this information.
I understand the dbid, and know what database that is. What table do I query for the object id 72057594746634240?
It is not in sys.databases, and not in sys.objects. I'm not even sure what object type it is.
Is this maybe the ID of the lock itself?

I ask because highlighting each item gives me a different object id for each line in the SQL Query fragment.

Next question, just exactly how do I determine what index c4006323692b is for example? That really isn't an
index_id from sys.indexes. So, what might it be?

This also might constitute a new feature request... that being, making the monitor more useful would be to interpret
these lines into just exactly what is being conveyed (i.e., swap names for id's). For example, I know from experience
dbid 5 is a database called 'service'. It would be far more useful if I knew what databases, tables, or other objects
(including indexes) are involved, instead of having to get back into SQL Server and look this information up.


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