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Specifying dependency search paths per project?

pahuntpahunt Posts: 6
edited November 25, 2011 8:31AM in SmartAssembly

I would like to know if there's anyway to specify the dependency search paths on a per-project basis.

We are using SmartAssembly on our build server and the folder path that the source code is checked out into has a folder name that is randomly generated by the build server. This means that specifying the paths in the SmartAssembly.settings file is not an option for us.

Our current solution is to get the build process to update the SmartAssembly.settings file with the correct paths just before it does the obfuscation and this works. However we now want to run multiple builds at the same time and so this solution will no longer work as more than one build may be obfuscating at the same time.

Is there a solution to this and if not, would it be possible to get this changed in a future release.

Many thanks


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    OK so after a bit more searching I've found this page which just confuses me completely. Where do the paths in SmartAssembly.settings fit into this?
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    Well I've answered my own question. The solution was that I didn't need to worry about the search paths in SmartAssembly.settings at all, in fact I've removed them all completely to avoid any future confusion. What I did to get it working was to make sure I had the CopyLocal property of the dependencies set to True in the C# project and now it picks up the dependencies from the bin folder.
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