Static Data - Synced by SQL Compare or Data Compare?

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Newbie Question on Static Data

This may sound like a very obvious quesion but I thought I knew the answer and now I am not so confident!

I have set-up a number of tables as Static Data within SSC. Commiting changes finds these and commits them. All Good.

When use SQL Compare to release my changes to my live database, is it SQL Compare that will update my live server with this new static data, whilst also making any database changes, or do I also have to use Data Compare to sync the new static data to live?

I was under the impression static data was handled by SQL Compare but as I am using SQL Compare this does not appear to be the case.

Could someone please confirm what I'm thinking. And if I do need to use Data Compare to release my static data changes to live, is there any way when using comparing two databases, to only look for changes to static data?


  • Hi, and thanks for your post.

    SQL Compare will only compare and synchronize schema differences (think new tables, changes to stored procedures etc).

    Any data records you want to sync between databases will require the use of SQL Data Compare. SQL Compare doesn't perform any operations on the actual data at all.

    Hope that helps!
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  • Thanks for your reply.

    In that case, is there any way to configure SQL Data Compare to be able to only check for changes in static data?
  • When you run Data Compare it will list all the differences it finds- these are of 3 possible types:

    - existing only in the source
    - existing only in the target
    - existing in both, but differing.

    You can choose which ones you want to sync. There's a good Getting Started guide here
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  • I am aware that it is possible to only sync certain tables but is it possible to set Data to only compare certain tables during the compare?

    Running a Data Compare between our development database and live server takes approximately 30 minutes when we are only actually interested in changes between tables we have flagged as static. If it was possible to only compare these static tables (approximately 15-20 tables), the compare would be much quicker.
  • Yes, in the GUI you can just select the tables you want to compare on the "Tables & Views" tab. If you save this to a Project File, you can also use this in the commandline with the /Project switch.
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    But you still have to maintain list of static tables and list of tables to compare in a project file. So, it's not an answer to catfood49's question... Any easier way?
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