RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml is not updated

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The <DataFileSet> node in the RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml is not updated when you unlink static data (only when you link static data)


  • Hi,
    Thanks for posting. Could I check the version you're currently running? Based on what I could find, this problem (ref. SOC-2463) was fixed in 2.2 so if you're running that (or v3) it may need to be re-opened...
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  • BrujahBrujah Posts: 22 Bronze 2
    running version
  • Hi James,

    We actually encountered this exact issue today in
  • OK, so I've checked and the reason the file isn't being updated is because that wasn't the fix we did.
    We actually amended the SQL Data Compare commandline to essentially ignore the file.
    Changing SQL Source Control to amend that is a more complex job, so I'm told.

    Are there any adverse effects that you're noticing through the file not being amended?
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  • We haven't seen any ill effects. My coworker spotted it when he noticed that the XML file wasn't part of an SVN update command.

    This is our perspective on it:

    We have to treat SVN as the absolute truth. By having 2 "lists" (the data script files and the XML config) that don't agree, we don't have truth.

    It appears that the product is using the script folder over the XML file. If the product is changed regarding how it uses those files, we don't know how it will resolve the discrepancies. Will the XML file be updated to match the data scripts folder (a.k.a. the current location of the truth)? Will there be a dialog box that will let us choose what to do with each one?

    I'm not saying this as an issue that needs to be a top priority, but we'd really urge you to put a lot of thought into how you handle changes to this part of your application. It's probably more concerning since it seems likely that there will be more changes coming as to how the data comparison will work with SSC.
  • Hi, this is an issue with our trial version of SQL Source Control

    Unlinking static data is not reflected in the RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml file at all. This is a problem when another team member goes to link/unlik another table and sees the checkbox (for the previously unlinked table) checked. This causes some confusion and I have received couple of error messages when trying to sync, which have dissapeared when I manually configured the RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml file.

    Any plans to fix this issue?
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    Hi Kenneth,
    I've not heard of this still causing trouble recently; (although I think there's still the problem of us not updating it)
    Can you detail the exact steps you're taking which require amendment to the file? Normally links/unlinks of data between team members get correctly reflected.
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  • Scenario 1:

    1. I go to unlink data, removed the checkbox for a table say DeletedTable
    2. Commited the changes "Unlink static data" in SQL Source Control
    3. In mercurial only one file is removed in the Data folder called DeletedTable_data.sql
    4. Commits this in Mercurial repo en push changes to team
    5. Team gets an update to unlink data
    6. If team wants to link/unlink static data the checkbox for DeletedTable is still present

    Scenario 2:
    We got a few error messages (Item is already added) that needs proper reproducing when we tried syncing changes to static data. These all cleared when changing the xml file manually. So my guess is that if you solve scenario 1 this will be fixed.
  • James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    I've just run through those steps.
    On the last one, step 6, I see the Data Unlink correctly shown on the Get Latest tab, and if I let the update run through, the Data is unlinked correctly.
    Are you saying something different happens at the last step?
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