Can't link a database after unlink

BrujahBrujah Posts: 22 Bronze 2
I f you unlink a database in version you're not able to create a new link any more
you need to restart SSMS to be able to link a database


  • csmithcsmith Posts: 140 Bronze 1
    Thanks for your post.

    I've just tested unlinking and relinking with and it seems to work ok for me without restarting SSMS.

    What happens when you try to link after unlinking - do you get an error? Also, did this work for you on previous versions of SQL Source Control?
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  • BrujahBrujah Posts: 22 Bronze 2

    It seem to be related with SQLPromt.
    I don't have the issue anymore after updating SQLPromt to version 5.2

    thanks anyway
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