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Data compare replacing merge replication?

Peter jonesPeter jones Posts: 2
edited November 25, 2011 6:18AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
We want to use sql azure but need merge replication with one publisher and about 10 subscribers. Each subscriber would merge twice a day at most and there is no way of scheduling when a subscriber synchronises.

Is data compare a posible solution for our requirements?

Tia peter


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    Thanks for your post.

    Merge replication isn't something that Data Compare is really designed for unfortunately, as it's a one way process. In addition, Data Compare works by scanning through the whole DB to establish the changes required, then building a syncscript. When working with Azure and running it regularly, this is likely to add up to quite a cost where data transfers are concerned.

    Azure does have its own Data Sync tool now (see here which may be worth looking into. I believe it adds triggers to the databases at each end and thus works more like traditional replication than a "scheduled sync".

    Hope that helps!
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