Trying to understand SSC setup for first time use

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I want to make sure I get this straight as I am evaluating the product. We currently have SVN installed, we should link a Database from our development environment instead of production environment, is this correct?

This means we have to do a full restore from our production DB into our Development DB before we can link and commit the changes to SVN.

Do we ever link a Production DB to SVN in order to get the latest changes and then deploy to production?

This is the part I am confused about, i thought you link production DB to SSC\svn in order for developers to always get the latest.

If someone can explain the best practice setup, that will help me ensure I am evaluating this product better. Thanks.


  • Thanks for your post.

    SQL Source control isn't really designed to be used to deploy a structure to different environments, it's purely to help a team of developers work together and record their changes directly through SSMS.

    If you need to move the structure somewhere else, e.g. production to development, then we would recommend that you use SQL Compare.

    In your situation:

    1) Use SQL Compare to deploy the schema from your current production database to your development environment.
    2) Link the development database to SVN using SQL Source control
    3) Work on the development database until you're ready to deploy the changes to production
    4) Use SQL Compare to deploy the version in SVN to production (or any other environment).

    SQL Compare and SQL Source Control work very well together for this kind of process. There is a bit of information on how SQL Compare is integrated in SSMS for this task here.

    I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the respond, this helps.
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