Error - Index was outside the bounds of the array

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I recently downloaded a 28 day trial of SQL Source Control. I got as far as committing the database into TFS, however, this came back with a scripting error. I then decided to start by just adding the tables into TFS. Source Control 2 then proceeded to succesfully add all table objects into TFS, however, then when it dropped back to the commit changes screen, I got an error ' Index was outside the bounds of the array'. This is all I get now from the commit changes screen, whenever I open it.

Any help much appreciated!


  • Thanks for your post.

    Can you confirm the exact version of TFS you're using? I think I've found an error report you submitted on 15th Nov, but you seem to mention source safe in that report.
  • Hi,

    I am using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010.

  • Sorry for the delay.

    We've seen this error pop up a couple of times in the past, and in each case it was related to syntax used in functions.

    Would you be able to try relinking the database to the repository and see if the problem persists?

    If you get the same problem, would you be able to zip up your working base folder and send it to [email protected]?

    You can find the working base folder if you shift+right-click the 'linked to' path on the setup tab. If you include the reference F0054484 in the subject line, it will update the ticket we've opened for you.
  • Hi,

    I tried to unlink the database but got another error -emailed on to support. Will e-mail you the working base folder.

    Many Thanks
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