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Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program

Jasmin SehicJasmin Sehic Posts: 6
edited November 24, 2011 5:57AM in SmartAssembly
Hi guys,

I decided to give SmartAssembly a try today after fiddling around with CliSecure and few others and I have to say big thumbs up to guys that made this. It is a stand out application when compared to other CLI protectors currently available on the market. It is currently on the top of my list to purchase.

I noticed a possible bug in version where one of my assemblies I was protecting would throw 'Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program' exception if I set the Control Flow Obfuscation to Strictly Valid (supports Mono). If I have it set to None, Basic or Strongest the exception goes away. Possibly a bug in the Control Flow Obfuscation algorithm causing something that makes the output assembly not compatible with .NET Framework on this particular setting?

I have all .NET Frameworks installed and my application is targeting 2.0.

Thanks for you assistance and keep up the great work on this product.


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