Server has 100 Databases...

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How can I link them all w/o going through each one individually? Any way to automate?

Thanks in advance.


  • Unfortunately there's no way to automate this. As each DB would need to link to it's own folder within your repository, there's no way for SQL Source Control to know where or what these would be.

    Is it important that you link *all* of the databases from the outset?

    In any case, this is something that's been asked for previously. We are already looking into ways of improving the initial configuration so I'd ask you to vote for the feature request here and add any comments you may have.

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  • I'd like to follow a hierarchy of Server.Database. But yes, setting it up in a better manner, i.e. by starting w/ Right-Clicking on the Server and Adding to Source control would be ideal.

    I have to get them all in there. So an automated way would be best.

    I could pre-create all the folders in TFS so the hierarchy method would work... and could automate the creation / recreation of the XML... but that doesn't help creating the workspaces in TFS or getting the original / current versions of the objects into the repository to start with.

    I take it that this initial configuration improvement stuff did not make the v3 early release that is available?

    I will go do some voting...
  • Hi - yeah, I don't think the current EAP has anything to help out on this side of things unfortunately. Adding your votes will help get it looked into though!
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